ATC CORP is a Jordanian International Corporation has been founded on January 1, 1990, under C.R. No. 56402.

ATC CORP is licensed and authorized in providing Consultation services in the fields of Telecom Networks, Radio & T.V. Broadcasting, under trade mark number 63947 in an international class 38.

ATC CORP is licensed and authorized in providing Consultation and Investment Services under trade mark number 63948 in international class 35.





Since 1990, ATC CORP has provided many customized seminars & coaching sessions for individuals and business groups.
Sessions may be focused on a specific business topic / function.

Training Formats

      • Seminars
      • Workshop Sessions
      • Coaching
      • On line

Length Of Session

  • Half-day,
  • One-day,
  • Two-days,
  • Three-days,
  • One-week
  • Any Period



  • Managerial Assessment of Proficiency.
  • Organization Skills.
  • Influence Skills.
  • People Skills.
  • Financial “Profit Levers” Development.
  • Quality Management.
  • Human Resources Development.
  • Sales & Marketing Development.
  • Sourcing of Information Technology.
  • Technical Auditing & Quality Assurance.

We provide continuous training programs which are extending to one or to two years.


Sample of Topics

Relating To Others

a) Getting Unbiased Information

b) Giving Clear Information

c) Listening and Organizing

Building The Team

a) Disciplining and Counseling

b) Appraising People and Performance

c) Training, Coaching, and Delegating

Managing Your Job

  • Time Management and Prioritizing
  • Setting Goals and Standards
  • Planning and Scheduling Work

Thinking Clearly

  • Thinking Clearly and Analytically
  • Making Decisions, Weighing Risk
  • Identifying  and Solving Problems

Encouraging Total Quality

Effective Communication

Effective Leadership Skills

Process Improvement

Performance Measurement

Marketing Skills

Human Resources Development

Finance For Managers

  • Reducing Cost and Expenses
  • Increasing Revenue
  • Maximizing and Optimizing Cash  Flows

Developing Sales and Marketing Skills

  • Developing a Marketing Plan
  • Finding the Customers
  • Negotiating and Closing the Sale

Contract Administration

Talking Fluently and Writing Properly

Developing Trainers Skills

  • Train the Trainer
  •   Learning Styles


Introducing ISO

Outsourcing and Competitive Tendering

Strategic Planning

Project Management

Self Development

  • Assertiveness
  • Influencing Others

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