ATC CORP is a Jordanian International Corporation has been founded on January 1, 1990, under C.R. No. 56402.

ATC CORP is licensed and authorized in providing Consultation services in the fields of Telecom Networks, Radio & T.V. Broadcasting, under trade mark number 63947 in an international class 38.

ATC CORP is licensed and authorized in providing Consultation and Investment Services under trade mark number 63948 in international class 35.





Telecom Networks

Design, Selection, Implementation & Management

      Upgrade or Replace older systems?

Legacy telecommunications networks, switching systems and related equipment may no longer meet an organization's current requirements in a cost-effective manner.
 Shortcomings may include poor reliability, inadequate security, lack of disaster recovery capabilities, and inadequate tools for effective planning and cost-control.

ATC CORP consultants will determine whether maintaining legacy systems, investing in technology upgrades for your INFORMATION SYSTEMS or replacement with new hardware makes the most sense.

Reliability, security and disaster recovery are now hot-button issues for many organizations. Guaranteed levels of service through redundancy, diversity and protection are generally no longer provided by today's fiercely competitive telecommunications industry.

ATC CORP can plan and manage implementation of network and system upgrades, providing the service level needed at an affordable cost.
If logs and documentation of problem areas are required, we also carry out quality of service (QOS) measurements.

For firms considering adoption of new technologies like VOIP (Voice over IP) for reduction of communications costs, ATC CORP  provides objective and/or subjective evaluation of a technology's or service provider's level of performance. 

 ATC CORP pre-purchase evaluations are tailored to assess those aspects most pertinent to an organization's needs.

      Project management

Successfully establishing or updating an organization's communications system requires skilled project management consultants. Hit-and-miss implementation may result in a system that fails to meet many of an organization's corporate objectives including reliability, security, diversity and usability. ATC CORP project management services can start from project inception through to system verification. Whether your company needs to upgrade, to add a virtual private network (VPN), to increase WAN reliability, to reduce its telephone bill, or to add an all-media, ATC CORP is ready to help.

Many organizations prefer a turnkey approach, outsourcing complete project management to ATC CORP. For others, when in-house staff can comfortably manage some project aspects, we will work with them, to coordinate the project and provide specialized expertise as required.

ATC CORP will be pleased to provide a consulting proposal and quotation for any or all of the elements of a comprehensive approach to ensure a functional and effective communications system.

With ATC CORP, you are assured of an objective solution, thanks to our independence from any manufacturer, carrier or distributor.

 ATC CORP project management may include:

  • Needs Assessment
  • Planning and justification
  • Economic analysis
  • Budget control
  • Scheduling
  • Site, system design
  • Prepare  RFQ
  • Bid management
  • Bid analysis and recommendation
  • Factory acceptance
  • Installation coordination
  • Final acceptance and test
  • In-house training, publicity
  • Maintenance plans

      Typical Applications

  • Telephony and data
  • Videoconferencing
  • Audio conferencing
  • Monitoring and security
  • Broadcast conferencing 
  • Training
  • Distance learning (MMDS, wireless cable and wired)
  • Collaborative technologies
  • Project management
  • Direct broadcast satellite
  • Network planning
  • Remote customer access
  • Distributed work teams
  • Disaster recovery 
  • Internet applications
  • Applied sciences
  • Industrial Fields.
  • Environmental Applications

HOW CAN WE Provide Our Services?

We can provide our services through:
1. Project by project contracts.
2. Monthly basis contracts
3. Annual contracts
4. per hour contracts
5. As per the agreement


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