ATC CORP is a Jordanian International Corporation has been founded on January 1, 1990, under C.R. No. 56402.

ATC CORP is licensed and authorized in providing Consultation services in the fields of Telecom Networks, Radio & T.V. Broadcasting, under trade mark number 63947 in an international class 38.

ATC CORP is licensed and authorized in providing Consultation and Investment Services under trade mark number 63948 in international class 35.






Distance learning is to study and to get your degree without traveling, so you can keep your job, and you can save your money.


  • Diploma
  • Bachelor
  • Master
  • Doctorate


The University Degree can be from:
USA, UK. Australia, Canada and other countries

To register with us for any degree, you have to provide us with the following documents:
1. The highest degree you have
2. Photocopies of training courses
3. Photocopy of your passport and ID
4. Your CV of life experience
5. 4 photographs



Tuition and Fees:
As per your budget (see the application form for Registration)

University of Study:
By evaluating your budget, your level of study, the way of your study, then we will decide what university is convenient for you.

Majors of Study:
Many programs and many majors are available, choose your major from the list of programs , If you couldn't find the wanted major in this list, just write down what major you want in the registration form.

Apply now and Send the Application on line


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