ATC CORP is a Jordanian International Corporation has been founded on January 1, 1990, under C.R. No. 56402.

ATC CORP is licensed and authorized in providing Consultation services in the fields of Telecom Networks, Radio & T.V. Broadcasting, under trade mark number 63947 in an international class 38.

ATC CORP is licensed and authorized in providing Consultation and Investment Services under trade mark number 63948 in international class 35.




Invest With Us Now!

Why to invest with us?

Simply, the investment with us is profitable for you today and tomorrow.

 Beside that, there are no limits to your amount of investment.

And you are investing in continuous developed business.

How to invest with us?

By buying shares, each share equals to 1,000.00 US$, the minimum you can buy is one share.

     Investment Terms & Conditions

  1. The value of each share is 1000.00 US$
  2. Payment should be on contract's signature.
  3. Each investor will invest before going to stock exchange will be a partner as per his/her number of shares.
  4. For the investor to become a Board Member of the Board of Directors, his number of shares should be more than 10,000 Shares, and are fully paid.
  5. The investment will cover all ATC CORP activities including AQF and its related activities, the City of Culture & Science in Jordan, the Intellectual University in Jordan,  any other services, commercial projects, real state, and industrial activities.
  6. The shares are transferable from the investor to his direct inheritors.
  7. Selling of shares or bypass of shares to a third party is allowed with a previous approval from the Managing Director.
  8. The profit will be distributed relative to the number of shares have been owned to investor.
  9. The cash paid profit will not exceed 20% of the invested capital; the profit above 20% will be added as new shares on the top of the investor's capital.
  10.  Payment the value of shares, issuing a receipt voucher, or transfer the money to ATC CORP account will make this investment a fully legal.
  11. This investment is open internationally and any body from any part of the world can become an investor with us.
  12. ATC CORP is a developing corporation and develops new profitable projects as convenient.
  13.  Any conflict may appear will be subject to Jordanian Law or ICC Law.


ATC CORP is inviting you; where ever you are to become an investor with us.


Please contact us for more information