ATC CORP is a Jordanian International Corporation has been founded on January 1, 1990, under C.R. No. 56402.

ATC CORP is licensed and authorized in providing Consultation services in the fields of Telecom Networks, Radio & T.V. Broadcasting, under trade mark number 63947 in an international class 38.

ATC CORP is licensed and authorized in providing Consultation and Investment Services under trade mark number 63948 in international class 35.




Consultation Services 

We provide the following consultation services:

  • Economical Feasibility Studies for the whole sectors of business
  • Reconstruction of administration systems
  • Capital development and Capital Investment locally and Internationally
  • Strategically Studies
  • Market & Marketing Studies
  • Plan, establish, and supervise new Companies, Divisions, Universities, Educational Institutions, Factories and others.
  • Problem Solving
  • Plan and manage the Telecom and IT projects
  • Quality Management
  • University Education
  • Family, Social, Psychological problem solving
  • Webbing, Graphics and Advertisement
  • Arbitration
  • Self development for AQF members

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